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Aquaculture Disinfectant

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Fishheal-AT aquaculture water sanitizer

Price: 2000 INR/Bottle

Water disinfectant for fish culture. Aquaculture water sanitizer, help to reduce high fish mortality increase water clearity. best water disinfectant.Broad spectrum silver based disinfectant / bactericide / virucide/ fungicide for aquaculture farming. It is specially prepared to stabilize the hydrogen peroxide with as high as 2000 ppm silver. The combination of such concentration is rare in the market. This is a unique ZELENCE PRODUCT. It is a solution for majority of aquaculture disease and infection. Fish-heal works very fast at the time its contact with water. It starts working right after application to defend the fish/prawn from disease just in a couple of minutes. One can observe the first impression of result after an hour of time.


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