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We, at Zelence Industries Private Limited have started off humbly with a vision to serve diverse sectors with superior quality of pro-organic agricultural, farm & other products. It is a knowledge and technology driven company based on its own materials, processes and products. As a manufacturer, we are also devoted in R&D processes to enhance customer experiences through availability of higher nutritional values from our products. We have experiences and motivated sales and marketing team connected to the customers, 24X7.

Today, we are efficiently working in the blue ocean niche market. In our differentiated market, we sell products that enhance fish growth, taste and nutritional quality; our aquaculture products are in high demand; our Biochar based cattle feed supplement powder improves metabolism regulation, helps in providing high quantity and quality milk and our poultry growth enhancer reduces FCR and mortality. Our recent offering Silver based disinfectant is used for fogging and protects from microbial community disinfection.

And, we are constantly trying to look forward to expanding our product range with many more new and innovative nutritional feeding and other farm/agricultural products. With all these, our enterprise looks ahead to establishing a wide network of distribution & supply so that, we can successfully take our business to the national level successfully. A backend support of technological development from IIT Kharagpur and business intelligence from FIED, IIM Kashipur is our strength. As a DPITT recognized Start up (17658), we thrive in technological innovation and inclusive intervention for customer success. We look for collaboration, partnership and gender neutral inclusive growth. Come, talk to us.

Our History

Our startup, Zelence is established at Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Park, IIT Kharagpur. After establishing the partnership of a student & his teacher from IIT Kharagpur, this startup was conceptualized. From the day of establishment, we are focused on developing in the novel material development for Agri-animal husbandry fishery public health sector. A historical timeline of developments in and of our firm till date is given below: 

January, 2015

Started in January, 2015 as a Partnership Farm named Pranam Laboratories Products and Services.

May, 2015

First product with brand name Matribhumi Organic fertilizer was introduced into the market

October, 2015

We have taken up the Nanosilver, Graphene, Biochar, bioactive compounds research for agriculture, animal husbandry and aquaculture in October, 2015.

March, 2017

Collaborative biochar research was started in March, 2017.

April, 2017

Zelence Industries Pvt. Ltd. was formed and incubated as a start-up since April, 2017.

October, 2017

Nanosilver based products for agri-poultry-fishery were introduced in the market

June, 2018

Mr. Fish were introduced as product in June, 2018.

August, 2018

Happy Milk, a biochar based dairy product filed for patent and introduced into the market

January, 2019

Products customized for Aquaculture , Bioplanktgen was introduced

March, 2019

Pranam and Zelence were merged in March, 2019

February, 2020

Silver+Fog, a community disinfectant was introduced into the market

Our Awesome Team

We are a team of highly enthusiast professionals comprising of Ph.Ds, Masters and graduates in the field of Biotechnology, Chemistry, Computer Science and Engineering, who possess great motivation, focus and expertise & qualification in their respective fields. The advisory board having eminent people from industry, scientific and engineering Institutes completes the team. This highly resourceful team of ours is the main strength of company. Each member works hard to ensure the flawless supply & distribution of high quality products and service for Silver+ Fog, Mr. Fish, Happy Milk, Fish Heal, Matribhumi, No Fly, Clear, Ultimate, and many others. Our team is continuously working in the direction of developing, producing and delivering high quality of products in the markets nationwide.


With the backend support of renowned laboratories at Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, Zelence is devoted to the research & development of high quality of products that can open new and viable market segment. Large scale Graphene synthesis and its novel composite production, composite and engineered Biochar, Urease positive Probiotics, Entomopathogenic fungi development and photocatalytic aqueous ammonia remover are currently the core areas of ongoing research. We have a team of domain experts, who are committed to develop cutting edge products and solutions to drive enhanced and shared economic benefits of the stakeholders. 

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